Austin Harrell

I have worked with Allen Burton for over 7 years. Under his instruction, I learned not only how to develop a work ethic to compete with the top junior golfers in the country, but also how to shape my mindset to better handle the difficulties that arise in the imperfect sport of golf. Allen’s charismatic attitude towards golf and his ability to connect personally with students are some of his many qualities that provided me with the best environment to be comfortable and ready to learn. There is no doubt that without the help of Allen I would not be the golfer or person I am today.

Signing with University of Akron

Elliott Grayson

Coach Allen’s golf instruction has shaped my game tremendously throughout the years. I have been seeing him since I was 7 years old and without his instruction I wouldn’t be where I am today. From learning the cherry, grape, and banana putts from when I was a little kid to learning Aimpoint Express as a teenager, it has been an incredible journey with many more years to come. He has always been a teacher with great passion for what he does, making the game more fun and understandable for his students. His academy instruction has taken my game to a high level and I can’t thank him enough for his dedication to his students and the game of golf.

  • 2015 North & South Amateur participant (T49/96)
  • 2015 Wyndham Monday Qualifier participant (T22/76)
  • 2014 Wells Fargo Monday Qualifier participant
  • 4th place in 2014 Future Masters
  • 3rd place in 2014 NCHSAA 2A State Championship
  • 1st Place in 2013 AJGA Preseason Junior at St. James Plantation


  • 1st Place in 2013 NCHSAA 2A West Regional
  • 1st Place 2010 Starburst Junior Classic
  • 1st Place 2009 George Holliday Memorial Golf Tournament
  • 2nd Place 2005 Drive Chip & Putt Nationals
  • 3 time SMAC Conference Player of the Year
  • 3 time WNCJGA Player of the Year


Patrick Stephenson

Hi, I’m Patrick Stephenson and from Four Oaks, North Carolina and am a senior in high school.  Since working with Mr. Burton on my Putting my North Carolina Ranking has improved from 8th to 2nd.  I have also signed to play division one golf at East Carolina University since working with Mr. Burton.

Since working with Mr. Burton my putting has gotten a lot better.  He has helped me tremendously with my green reading by using the Aim point method.  Before using Aim point I did not consider myself a very efficient green reader, but now I consider it one of the strengths of my game.  I feel that this has been an essential part of my success over the last year on the golf course.

Other than green reading Mr. Burton has also helped me to manage my expectations on the greens.  Before working with him my expectations were way too high and my mindset for great putting was not where it needed to be.  This has been another essential part of improving my putting to the strength of my game over the last year.

Mr. Burton has been more than just a putting coach to me because of the mental skills that he has taught me.  I truly believe that he has been an essential part of my success over the past year and I highly recommend his teaching for anyone interested in improving their putting and mental approach on the greens.

Ashlynn Mullis

Allen was one of the first ones along with my dad who imprinted the game of golf in my life at a very young age. None of us knew at the time what those moments would turn into in the future. In the past couple years, I got serious about the game. I reached out to Allen for instruction as well as helping me get recruited to play college golf. Through the academy Allen helped me build a video for recruitment and gave me great coaching on how to improve my game. I am now a collegiate golfer with the help from Allen and still use him as a resource now. He has an up to date way of teaching the game which allows you both to interact in a very effective way.

Brian Chen

Allen has really helped me improve as a golfer in a short amount of time. He has invaluable knowledge that he has shared with me in every lesson that I have taken. I believe his process oriented teaching style is one of the best ways to teach golfer. He is also truly committed to each golfer that he teaches and cares about the well-being of each one.

Evan Rhodes

Allen has been helping me with my swing for 5 or 6 years. He’s helped me in about every  way from getting my swing dialed in, working on my putting, preparing me for tournaments, and encouraging me to do better on my schoolwork. Without his fun personality and expertise of the game, I wouldn’t have as great of a passion for the game and wouldn’t have the skill and knowledge that I now have.

Trevor Fulcher

The first time I went to golf camp I was a little nervous. I had never met Mr. Burton and had no clue what to expect. However, that was many years ago; when “the only thing wrong with my game was putting.” But one of the main things I have learned with Mr. Burton over the years is that putting is the most crucial part of the game. I can always hear coach’s voice in the back of my head saying, “You bring your driver out maybe 9 holes a round, but you bring your putter out 18 times.” His academy has allowed me to flourish on my school team as well as in tournaments around Hickory.

Johnny Lamp

Allen Burton’s golf academy has taught our daughter, Cami, how to be a great golfer. She has developed a great passion and become a student of the game. Above all, she has learned sportsmanship and further developed proper social skills through the academy. She is constantly being praised by adults and teachers for her social etiquette.

Alex Parker

Allen Burton is a great golf coach who has helped me with both the physical and mental aspects of my golf game. Coach Burton stays up to date with the latest technology and teaching methods. Lessons with Coach Burton are always enjoyable because he is energetic with a positive attitude. Coach Burton has a great passion for the game and for helping junior golfers improve and reach their goals.

Seth Perry

Thank you Allen for all the knowledge you have given to me over the last year and I look forward to learning more with each upcoming lesson. You have helped my mental game tremendously by supporting me and helping me believe in “my game”. Just knowing that I have the support there when I need it or when I am not doing something just right, you are there to help me quickly determine what it is I am doing and FIX IT! I appreciate all the words of encouragement, wisdom and insight to better my game. I look forward to seeing what 2016 holds.